Ancient Egypt

A place where a great ancient civilization flourished for over 3,000 years leaving behind its unbelievably huge marks: pyramids, sphinxes, temples, statues, papyri… someone argues that they also invented bureaucracy but let’s not spoil the poetry, it was a great civilization all the same 🙂 . Here you’ll find its most noticeable relics immortalized in countless dusty tomes. Looking for something specific? try our search above!

Beni-Hassan grave and burial chamber in medium Egypt, and egyptian lotus pillar

Ancient Egypt: statue of Khafre in diorite at Valley Temple of Khafra, Giza, reliefs of Egyptian heads, vintage engraving

Ancient Egypt: facade of Edfu temple and section of pillars hall of Amun temple in Karnak,

Antique Egypt – temple interior with hieroglyphics, paintings and sacred symbols

Height comparison among famous monuments, towers, churches and temples with the height of the pyramid of Giza (146.5 metres). It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient…

Collage and elaboration from engravings middle ‘800 representing Ancien Egypt costumes: players at a board game and playing morra.

Antique Egypt painting, representing Lybian tribesmen on pharaoh Seti I tomb

Antique Egypt – pictorial description of house furniture and the art of baking

Ancient Egypt costumes and life: painting depicting men at work cleaning fishes after fishing

Painted elaboration representing Ancient Egypt warriors going to battle

Antique Egypt collage representing the every day’s life personal objects: ornaments and jewelry

Collage and painted elaboration from engravings middle ‘800 representing Ancient Egypt warriors going to the battle

Medinet Habu, Egyptian archaeological locality on the west Bank of Nile river with the ruins of the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III

The Semna fortress was built by Egyptian XII dynasty pharaoh Sesostris III at the second Nile cataract to defend the land from external invasion

Antique Egypt – Abu Simbel, vivid depiction of the life at this age, engraving middle ‘800

Antique Egypt – architectural details of pillars, sculptures and hieroglyphics.

Collage and elaboration from engravings middle ‘800 representing Ancient Egypt costumes: women playing balls and the queen taking a shower with the slaves help

Collage and painted elaboration from engravings middle ‘800 representing Ancient Egypt workers tanning and finishing animal furs and shoemakers in their workshop

Collage and elaboration from engravings middle ‘800 representing Ancien Egypt glass and pottery makers

Collage and elaboration from engravings middle ‘800 representing Ancient Egypt war prisoners making bricks and building walls

Antique Aegypt: vivid portrait of goddess Sekhmet with pharaoh Ramses II. Sekhmet (Sakhmet) is one of the oldest known Egyptian deities depicted as a lion-headed woman. Her name means the…

Antique Egypt , engraving : pharaoh portrait sitting on the throne with hieroglyphics and sacred symbols

Antique Egypt archeology: engraving middle ‘800 of Karnak ruins temple

Antique Egypt – portrait of pharaoh Ramses II. Hhe is often regarded as the greatest, most celebrated and most powerful pharaoh of the Egyptian Empire

Aerial map of the Great Sphink and the two Sphinx temples at Gizah. The great Sphinx is a colossal staue in limestone of a mythical creature with the body of…

Vintage engraving of life costumes in ancient Egypt: kids playing morra near a Sphynx

XIX century engraving describing in a romantic view the way of life and costumes in Egypt: people traveling on camels in the desert with the view of an obelisk, antique…

Reconstruction of Satet Temple of Elephantine island on the Nile – Egypt around 3000 B.C. It was an Ancient Egyptian temple dedicated to the goddess Satet personification of the Nile…

Antique Egypt – pictorial description of slaves sculpting royal statue

Ancient Egyptian musical instruments : sistrum or kemkem and a bell. The s whenistrum consists of a metal frame with metal rods to produce a rattle sound wehn shaken

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