OUR NEW BIG SISTER SITE (or is it a brother? 🙂 )

Why two sites? In a nutshell:

Antikstock (on WordPress)

  • lot of images divided in few wide categories.
  • the ideal place if you are looking for ideas – though you still have a outstanding clever search tool on top of each page.
  • you can buy a cheaper resized version of every image for private and web use.

Antikstock Images (on Shopify)

  • a boutique of curate selection of images in many small dedicated collections easy to search through
  • very fast website
  • the cheaper resized version option is still to be implemented here, but the corresponding high-res version for print is cheaper than in Antikstock.
  • Some high quality exclusive content can be found only here – in constantly increasig quantity.

Read our latest post about the new site and fill free to browse both.

Browse the Old Times Collections

illustrations and engravings of the past
from ancient books of our property

Fresh ancient content daily

Looking for something specific? try the search engine on top of every page! you’ll find it effective and tuned.


Not here what you are looking for? Just ask, maybe it is not online yet.


3 easy licenses and the corresponding sizes

lic1 website, blog: image resized to 1200px (max height or width)
lic2 magazine, book: high res actual dimensions
lic3 business project: high res actual dimensions
Terms & Conditions

Great quality images (check our freebies) @ great small prices

Easy buy with PayPal without registration

Fancy ordering a set of images and pay with bank transfer? Contact us and you receive a nice discount!


Have fun with our Blog!

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Some images from our collections and stock

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